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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brag Time

One of my regular first grade classes made me thank you cards! I was so excited I had to share. All their comments are here, with misspellings and punctuation preserved, and I scanned and added my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

I love to read at the library because I love books.

Thank you Brianna

I like when you read to us I also like when you cack the bookout.

From Jayda to You

The best book is Choppstik's.
(This little guy was so cute. He was absolutely beaming when he handed me this card saying, "This is you!")

Thank you!

Sinserly, Mercy
I love to read at the library because it's fun.

You are the Best
Love, Mercy.

Thank you!
From Alicia

Dear library
My favorite part about going to the library is reading lots of books because it makes you smart. I also love the way you help us read the book when we get stuck on a word that is hard. Here is a piture of me and you and your helping me read the book and I'm saying thank's for helping us a lot of times and your go at doing it!!!!
(I think Alicia's a little confused... because I don't remember helping them one on one.)
I love you.

You make me smile.
I love you with all my heart.

Thank you.


Thank you for reding for me.

(Good Gracious! Where's my clothes?)

I love to read book at the lidrary because books are cool

thank you from Xavier

My favorite part about going to the library is you reading a book because the books you read is so funny.
(How cute is that?)
YariMy favorite part about going to the lidrarey is geting a book because I love books and I love to read.
Thank you for books!

to: Libary
from: Shihab

I love to read books at the libarbary because they let me read a spiderman book.
happy birthdday

thank you for reading this.
(And I became a librarian to make sure you got those Spiderman books, Shihab!)
Thank You for reading me books
From Emani

I Love to pick books out and read them to myself and when I am done reading them I ceck them out to see If I am missing a book at the library because It is fun to read and It is really fun when you read to me I have a lot of fun when I am with you at the library with you thank you for all the hard work you have been doing so I am going to give you something from me to you I'm going to miss you bat we had a lot of fun together when we leave we are going to be missing you and I will away miss you good-buy!

by Christian

You are the Best for all of os.
You read lowd and cleor.

By see you next Time.
to the liBury.
From Joshua
Thak you!
You rock!

Thak you for cheking out our Book.
You rocks.
You are the best.
I hope you open some days.

I love the library!

The End!

Thank you from Angel
I love to read at the library because it is fun and cool but my favorite part is erry thing.


Thank You
I like when I went to the library bee

My favorite part about going to the library is when you raed me a story because I like to here storys.

Thank You

(I think Greta really liked Superhero ABC from this storytime.)


(I saved the best for last. This one made me cry!)

My favorite part to the libeary is reading books because they can make you smarter. I love to hear someone reading also at the libeary because there voises are so nice and soft just like mine.


Kitty Mommy said...

Awwwwwwwww! How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! what a great librarian you are!!!!! I know you will keep these cards forever. Congratulations on making their day!!!!!

Eric said...

Nothing wrong with bragging. Keep up the good work!