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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Storytime: Superheroes

Storytime for grades K-2.


 SuperHero ABC
Superhero ABC
by Bob McLeod

 Young MacDonald
Young MacDonald
by David Milgrim
(No, he's not a superhero. But, he is a great "mad scientist.")

Skippyjon Jones
Skippyjon Jones
by Judith Schachner
(one of my new favorite read-alouds!)

 He Saves the Day
He Saves the Day
by Marsha Hayles and pictures by Lynne W. Cravath

 Agent A to Agent Z 
by Andy Rash
(I think the kids liked this one, they just had trouble following what was going on.)

All below added for family storytime for ages 3-8 
[added 3/15/10]

 The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Superheroes
The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Superheroes
by Maxwell Easton III  

Songs and Action:
We pretended we were superheroes with scarves and did, 
 So Big - Activity Songs For Little Ones
"Rock and Roll Freeze Dance" from Hap Palmer's So Big  

Scarf Rhyme
Wave your scarf up high.
Wave your scarf down low.
Wave it very fast.
Wave it very slow.
Wave your scarf under your legs.
Flutter it under your chin.
Move your scarf up and down,
As you slowly spin.
Stop the spinning,
And choose your way,
To dance with your scarf.
How does it play?

Modified from Kelly Pfeiffer at  

Preschool Activities Explore Over and Under  
Preschoolers sit down on the floor.

1. Put one hand under your scarf.
2. Put two hands under your scarf.
3. Put one hand over your scarf and one hand under your scarf.
4. Put one foot under your scarf.
5. Put two feet under your scarf.Link
6. Put two hands and two feet under your scarf.
7. Put two feet and one hand under your scarf.
8. Put your scarf over your head.
9. Put your whole body under your scarf.
10. Put your whole body over your scarf.

Kelly Pfeiffer at  


Superhero Masks

I used plain white plastic half masks, and gave the kids foam pieces to stick on.
You could also copy off a paper mask like the one at

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