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Monday, February 25, 2008

Storytime: Pigs

Oink, oink! Get your snorts ready for this preschool storytime.


The Three Little Pigs (Reading Railroad Books)
The Three Little Pigs
by James Marshall
--They had a difficult time following the whole story, so I found it easier to skip from "I'll think I'll try a different method" (or something like that) to the middle on the next to last page when he jumps down the chimney.
See How They Grow: Pig
See How They Grow: Pig
by Bill Ling and Mary Ling

by Audrey Wood and pictures by Don Wood

Long-nosed Pig (A Pop-Up Book)
The Long-Nosed Pig
by Keith Faulkner and pictures by Jonathan Lambert

Eat, Cried Little Pig
"Eat!" Cried Little Pig
by Jonathan London and pictures by Delphine Durand

Bed Hogs
Bed Hogs
by Kelly DiPucchio and pictures by Howard Fine

For fun we did "This Little Piggie" with our fingers right before Wood's "Piggies".

And we also got the cutest finger puppet set from our puppet guy. I believe the brand is Manhattan Toy. So we also sang rousing renditions of "Old MacDonald".

As an aside, I really need to learn how to take it easy with my animal noises. Just snorting like a pig a few times too many times makes my throat sore when I do three classes in a row.

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