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Friday, December 7, 2007

Storytime: Native American

Native American stories for grades K-2.

 Bone Man: A Native American Modoc Tale
The Bone Man: A Native American Modoc Folktale
by Laura Simms

Ten Little Rabbits
Ten Little Rabbits
by Virginia Grossman and illustrated by Sylvia Long

The Good Luck Cat
The Good Luck Cat
by Joy Harjo and illustrated by Paul Lee

This storytime was a home-run! Most of the K-2 groups I work with are fantastic, but I have one group of 2nd graders in particular that had me frustrated. Firstly, the teacher left me alone with the children for "two minutes" which stretched to ten-- a pet peeve of mine. Secondly, they knew I had no way to discipline them for their behavior. One girl in particular was the ring leader. She kept rolling her eyes and sighing during my monster storytime, and when I broke out into song she snickered and laughed at me. Of course, I had this horrible moment of oh-my-gosh I'm embarrassing myself, until I remembered she was in second grade. Then I just felt sorry for all of them, that the whole class can't even enjoy a simple song because of peer pressure from a few.

These classes visit the library every month because they're specially funded to help high achieving kids from low-income families. So, I decided to focus on fewer, more detailed books because all six of my classes were capable of focusing on a long story. Little Miss Ring Leader didn't say a word the whole storytime, even during the middle, shorter counting book. I must say The Bone Man is pretty freaky and I really got into it-- gravelly voice for the old grandmother, lingering on all the descriptive bits about berries running bloodlike down the Bone Man's chin, etc. And afterwards, she specifically requested the book-- I love my job!

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Anonymous said...

That's what makes a job/career great. Not the strikeouts; but the good, solid "hits". They usually are few between; but they are sweet when you get them.
Always faithful,